• TCH KEYMAR Is The greatest restoration bottom grounding damage in the Mediterranean.
  • The works performed in the craving dock No5 at ‘Hellenic Shipyards of Scaramaga’.
  • Replaced the bottom at a height of 1000 mm from base line, throughout the breadth of the vessel and over the entire length.
  • There were tanks removed from the tank top height 6,0 m.
  • Replaces with new construction the rubber horn section, outboard.
  • Reconstruction by 80% of the rubber blade.
  • The total weight of the steel replaced was 2.350 tons, all materials were high tensizes.
  • The cutting and vessel support and the study of docking block development were made by the technical department of our company.
  • The works lasted a continued one hundred fifty (150) days.




5 MONTHS 2003